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Connect and Let Us Work for You.

With more than 20 years of experience, here’s how we do it.


1. Define Your Mission

When you place an order or make changes to existing orders, our administrative staff is on call to be extremely responsive in communication and action.

Our team will help you evaluate your needs based on essential factors, such as onsite details, logistical considerations, cost savings analysis, and exact positions/skills needed.

When an order includes technicians, we conduct an assessment to identify exact needs and determine pricing.

We produce an estimate for every project we do to verify the order details and provide the information you need for your budget.


2. We Build Your Team

With the details you have provided, we first select experienced leadership that suits the nature of your project. 

Our booking method is used to assemble a productive and cohesive team, with considerations on skill strength and merit, rather than seniority. 

With the results of the Tech Assessment, our vetted technicians are carefully chosen for each role to compliment the strength of your show team. 

We do not build your crew utilizing job boards, cattle calls or outsourcing. 


3. Consistent Execution

We pay our stagehands on a W4 basis.  Because of that, we have dedicated onsite leads to manage the crew, rather than make it your burden.

We are adaptive to the constantly shifting and evolving needs onsite. Our Crew Lead works with you on identifying efficiencies involving break times and shift changes, with success in meeting your deadlines and timetables in mind. 

Our crew possesses a team mentality and is not limited to one department or role.  We are flexible, so hands can be borrowed from one department to help other departments along.

We also offer daily cost reports to help you track your costs as a job progresses.


4. Mission Accomplished

We gather feedback from you and all our management involved in your project.  This allows us to evaluate and evolve the Show Masters experience.  That feedback goes into our database to prepare us for our next project together. 

An itemized, detailed invoice is provided with no surprise fees.  Our goal is a delivery of your invoice within 72 hours after the job is completed. 

Additionally, we keep track of your favorite crew members so you can see the same faces on future projects.

Make Your Next Event a Great One.

We’re excited to show you firsthand how we put this process to work for you.  Contact us today to get started on your next project!

Call us at 877-765-2267, or fill out the contact form below.  You can also email us at

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